Wedding Light Performance

A wedding LED display

The wedding and the reception that follows are special moments in the life of every person. Beautiful moments, smiles on the faces of guests, great music and a unique show. In recent years, an artistic show, which can take the form of both an LED show and a fire show, has become an increasingly popular wedding attraction. You too can host the most modern laser show, combined with LED elements to make your party more attractive. An LED show can be a form of a gift for the bride and groom, a form of saying “thank you” to parents or an attraction for the guests. The possibility of displaying any photo or inscription in the complementary LOGOSHOW will emphasize the uniqueness of this joyful day. We will create an unforgettable and unique show that will delight your wedding guests!

A wedding LED show

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The most modern light show, in which we use props of the highest quality. The whole show is created by artists, dancers, who through their LED dance will take the audience to a different reality. In our shows we use various types of special effects, as well as logoshow – we can display the history of the relationship, photos or any inscriptions, especially for you!


Comprehensive organization of light shows. We have in our offer shows with the addition of many stage effects. To relieve our customers on this special day we organize all the necessary technical solutions, including sound system, lighting, fog generators, wiring and technical service. Depending on the price version selected, we can also offer many extras.

8-23 min

1-5 performers

A show for a wedding

For years we have been creating bespoke, special order shows. We had the pleasure of performing at several hundred private events, where we showed our skills and capabilities of the most modern lighting props on the market. We create both fire shows for wedding, as well as LED shows and extensive laser shows. The visions of our clients are a challenge for us, which we undertake with smiles on our faces. We approach the needs of each client individually to create an unforgettable show and leave happy memories that will last many years.

A professional wedding show

Our company cooperates only with the best artists on the Polish artistic scene. Each of our employees is trained in terms of industry regulations, as well as health and safety and fire safety. This guarantees professional service and the highest quality of workmanship. Both fire and electronic equipment can be dangerous, but only in the wrong hands. Our company, through many years of experience, guarantees quality, which is extremely important on this special day. The whole wedding spectacle is composed of several stages, from the initial conversation, through determining the details, signing the contract, to the installation and finally the performance itself. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we are pleased to see clients return. We had the opportunity to perform at private events several times in a row, in subsequent years. The satisfaction of our clients motivates us to work even harder to create a show befitting the 21st century.

A beautiful romantic show fit for the 21st century at your wedding reception!

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