Burning inscription

Burning heart, burning wedding inscription, burning initials

One interesting and romantic addition to wedding receptions is a burning heart, as well as a burning inscription. For years, we have been organizing complex fire shows, which can be enriched with additional effects. An example of a fire effect can be the burning heart of the bride and groom at the end of the performance. A romantic kiss against the background of a burning heart is an ideal moment for a beautiful photo. Apart from a spectacular fireshow, it is an exceptional moment that will be remembered by every wedding guest, especially by their closest and loved ones. We also construct impressive burning inscriptions, which can be set alight during our fireshow. Standard inscriptions are the initials of the bride and groom, e.g. “A + P”. We can also create a special inscription to fit longer content onto.

A burning heart

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An especially-made burning heart hoisted atop a stable mounting. An effective addition to fireshows as well as a perfect backdrop for a kiss to be committed to film.

A burning wedding inscription

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An impressive addition to the wedding fireshow is a burning inscription with content of your choice. We create custom-made constructions, which can take any form. The most popular inscriptions at wedding parties are the burning initials of the bride and groom. We also create longer inscriptions with longer content upon special request.

Fiery initials

A fire show is a unique wedding attraction. In our catalogue we offer many interesting and impressive extras. A personalized inscription is an element of the show, which no event can go without. The beauty of fire, love and warmth radiating from the great burning initials will emphasize the character of each wedding reception. Let the fire ignite your hearts, too!

A kiss against a burning heart

Fire perfectly matches the romantic atmosphere of the wedding party. At the end of our romantic fireshow, the bride and groom are invited to the middle of our stage, where they have their special 15 minutes of fame and extra attention. In the beautiful scenery, with burning bowls around them, they light up a big heart. Seconds of kissing in the heat of the flames turn into minutes, and all those emotions are captured in pictures, which, viewed after years, still radiate feelings and the heat of love. On this special day of the wedding and wedding reception, guarantee yourself an attraction that will remain in your memory for years to come, one to which every return to those hot moments will bring a smile to your face.

A kiss against a burning heart at your wedding!