Led Shows

State-of-the art LED SHOW performances

LED shows are a modern form of artistic expression. Using special props, dancers create interesting moves that can be combined with special effects. The equipment used in our LED SHOW shows is fully synchronized with the music, so the individual elements of the show form a coherent whole. Original effects used during the show are combined with synchronized dance and juggling arrangements.


The magic of lights and colours

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A unique show made possible by modern LED technology, which is based on spectacular, dynamic choreography and lighting props that are perfectly synchronised with music to create an exceptional visual effect. The show was created especially for company events and mass-attendance events, where achieving the “WOW” effect is the key aim of each artistic segment. The show is enriched with LOGO SHOW – a possibility to display any photos, logos, captions and graphics during the choreographed routine. An ideal choice to surprise your guests and leave a fond mark of the event in their memories. The show can be freely adjusted to match the duration of a particular artistic segment in the programme of the event. We can also perform choreographed routines to the music of your choice and program all the equipment to display company colors.

State-of-the-art LED shows for every occasion

Fully programmable props give us the ability to adapt our LED SHOW to any type of event. We can create a show that will fit both a small corporate event, as well as a big city event. Visual props serve as a unique addition to our light shows – during the routine artists use various props that fill and colour the air with pre-programmed streaks of light and afterimages. Through these unique, light visualizations we are able to display any and all graphics, clients’ logotypes, captions and photos in the best quality available on the market, during our show. Our unique light shows are also described on our dedicated LIGHTSHOW section of our website.

Lightshow performances – professionalism and experience

Our stage career has been evolving for several years. Our company’s dynamic development allows us to keep up with the event market. We meet the needs of our clients and create pioneering shows, which we offer in different price options, for the Polish event market. In our shows we use the most modern VisualPoi HD props and create next-generation logoshows. Each LED SHOW can be customized and personalized, which gives us unlimited creative freedom.

Custom-made LED shows especially for you!

A show befitting the 21st century