Laserwoman – a next-generation laser show

Years of experience in creating 3d laser shows have resulted in the creation of a new, unique project. It is a combination of the most modern technology with a beautiful and talented artist. In a show lasting several minutes, the artist manipulates laser rays, which are emphasized by stage effects. The whole project is comprehensively serviced by our company. We supply all necessary technical equipment along with wiring and technical service. The whole Laserwoman show culminates in juggling manipulation of VisualPoi and an impressive Logoshow.


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The show is performed by Anna “Supernova”, a semi-finalist of “Got Talent” TV programme. During the show, the viewers will be transported to the unique world of lasers. The artist creates geometric light figures in her laser dance. The whole show concludes with the display of any graphics in the Logoshow element.


Technical equipment supplied by our company: 3d laser adapted to the size of space, usually RGB 5-12W, media server with Pengolin software, smoke generators, air mixers, wiring & technical service

8-15 minutes

1 performer

Our show gives new meaning to laser performance

Laserwoman show is a 21st century spectacle. In the laser dance you can see classic artistic forms interspersed with the most modern stage effects. A laser show can fit into various types of events, both large mass-scale events, as well as small company events. Our specialists will take care of preparing the place for the spectacle, technical preparation, as well as artistic preparation so that the show fits into the event perfectly. You too can order this cutting-edge, most modern show on the market can also make your event more attractive!


Laser show shows are becoming more and more popular at Polish events. To meet our clients’ expectations we offer a modern show with a beautiful, experienced artist. Anna “Supernova”, semi-finalist of the “I’ve Got Talent” TV programme and Anna “Lares”, winner of countless awards on the Polish fireshow scene, guarantee the “WoW” effect. We will gladly adapt the show to the specifics of your event. We can expand the laser show with additional effects of 3d lasers, as well as LED show elements. We guarantee the highest quality of show execution. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions!

The most modern laser show on the market! LASERWOMAN!