Christmas fireshow


Christmas fireshow  at the christmas market

N-T Artists creates unique visual shows for years. For the few years we perform with our christmas fireshow also –  “Santa in the fiery land”. We had the pleasure to put on our christmas show on few city events as well as on small chamber private and company events. Our show is the connection of original humor and many eye-catching stage effects which in accompaniment with our artists master juggling skills, create show, which will perfectly match the event christmas subject. We create our christmas show for children and adults, so.. different strokes for different folks.

christmas fireshow

Fireshow Opole

Year 2018 was a breakthrough period in activity of our Fire Theatre. Our artists perform almost 150 times with fireshow, only in december they were on stage with christmas fireshow almost 20 times. One of the most interesting was fireshow in Opole. After the dark had set, during christmas market event, artists light up burning bowls, which except the heat, brought viewers into a magical, christmas atmosphere.

fireshow for christmas market

Christmas fire spectacle – Fire theatre

Many of our clients, as a main determining factor of show choice indicates specialness of the show. The christmas fireshow is unique and original attraction, which perfectly match into the christmas event as well as it can be effective sum up of the event.

Fire show – topic –  Christmas 

Except unique show with Santa, we creates few propositions, which in our opinion will be great alternative show. So.. our SnowyGirls can be the part of the event. With their lovely, fire dance they will make the show, which will warm up the christmas atmosphere.


Christmas lightshow for the christmas event

As a leader fire group in our contry, we want to show our artists that there is no impossible things. So we created unique show with lasers, leds and not only especially for the christmas event. Our artists by their master juggling skills creates the eye-catching light show, everything in the christmas atmosphere. Check out our offer and let’s meet on your christmas event.

fireshow for christmas