Fire and Light Festival


Fire and Laser show

In whole of last month we had the pleasure to make several fire and light performances. One of the biggest was the Fire and Light Festival in Inowrocław. Everything got dark around at the main Inowroclaw Town Square, and on the scene the fireshow began. Few fireshows, crossed over by laser effect, special pyro effects, and of course great live music definetly warmed up the viewers, who gave a warm welcome to our artists.

fireshow inowrocław


Fireshow Bytom

August is also a month of our Silesia fire and light shows. We had the pleasure to make special show at the end of event – 100 years of GKS Szombierki Bytom, and few hours later we dotted the “buring I” on Bytom Medieval Fair, which was co-organised by Bytom Knights Brotherhood “Leo Corde” and the Town Bytom Cultural Centre. We gained new fans by our Indigo fireshow  🙂

Bytom Fireshow

Legendia Silesian Amusement Park – Laserwoman

Our last august spectacle was laser show in one of the greatest Amusement Parks in Poland – Legendia. We had the pleasure to present our latest laser project – LASERWOMAN. We created fantasy land atmosphere especially for our viewers and by the logoshow we put the excitement on children faces. The end of summer season was very fiery! Now, we are preparing to our several september shows! Thank you for being with us!

Laserwoman Show w Legendii – NAM-TARA Artists

A taki był wczorajszy finał pokazu Laserwoman w Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko ???????????? Lasery, Pixelshow a do tego strój świecący w barwach Legendii! ????#Legendia #ŚląskieWesołeMiasteczko #Laserwoman #Lasershow #Pixelshow #VisualPoi #PyroterraLightToys #NamTara #Show #Lightshow #Passion #Work

Publiée par Nam-Tara sur Dimanche 1 septembre 2019