Laserwoman – a unique lightshow performance

Laser shows

Laserwoman – a unique lightshow performance

NAM-TARA is not only fire. For years we have been creating exceptional light shows, and every year abounds in new arts projects. The combination of our experience that we have gained while creating one-of-a-kind fire shows, for your viewing pleasure at TeatrOgnia, and the most cutting-edge technological capabilities allowed us to craft something truly exceptional – the most modern lasershow performance in Poland. Unique special effects intandem with a beautiful dance can be guests at your event, too.

Laser shows for open air events

In our shows we use only the most cutting-edge equipment from the world-renowned manufacturers exclusively, which allows us to adjust the output of our lasers to the area the show is to take place in accordingly.Laserwoman can be successfully incorporated into a private or a mass open air event. Each laser show can be combined with additional special effects or upgraded with extra fiery attractions. Laserwoman can act as part of an overall larger 3d laser show or an element of an LED show. Each spectacle can be part of a larger show, also in conjunction with fireshow elements. There are endless possibilities of putting our effects to use at your event. Moreover, our SFX specialists together with our art director will gladly advise you on what fireshow elements would complement and be feasible at your event.

Fireshow performances with lasers and logoshow


For years and with due diligence we have been creating a show that is constantly being improved by a host of professionals. We collaborate with the best programmers and projection mapping artists, as well as the most experienced fireshow performers. Each fire, laser, and fire theatre show is painstakingly perfected over many hours in order to provide our clients with a product that is truly in a class of its own. Fire as an elements can be successfully combined with light effects. For thousands of years it has amazed people who contemplated their lives while gazing deeply into the light pulsing from within it. It is these experiences of many generations, alongside our own attachment to this beautiful element that drive us to forge something superbly beautiful, for the eye and soul alike. Gazing into the rays of light, feeling the warmth of fire on their faces, the audience, for a moment, is transported into a different world. Write to us, discover our incredible offer, and maybe soon your event will be host to such a spectacle, too. Find out more, contact us!